Tru Log™ Siding introduces steel boxed siding panels with an authentic log cabin look! With the Tru Log™ Siding panel, you have the look of a genuine log home without the constant maintenance. Homeowners no longer have the worries and upkeep of a traditional wood cabin like staining, painting, or cracking.

Tru Log™ Siding saves you money not only by being competitively priced, but its higher R-value better insulates your home, cutting costs on utility bills. Not only is Tru Log™ a smart decision on your wallet, but it is also a smart decision on the environment. The metal paneling is 100% recyclable, leaving a smaller carbon footprint and making your home more efficient.

The precisely contoured foam underlayment adds rigidity and superior impact resistance which makes Tru Log™ sturdier than traditional boxed siding. This leaves your home protected from hail, strong winds, and other potential damages. The metal log siding is also fire resistant adding even more protection for your home.

Tru Log™ is the only company that provides you with a defined chink line and achieves a peeled log look with multiple hew lines. With the lifetime warranty and four unique color options, you can buy and install with confidence.